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Bright Bars

Bright Bars

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Draw Benches-3, Straightening Machine-3, Polishing Machine-2, Hammer-1, Pointing-3, End Cutting Machine-3. Production Capacity 3 MT per hour.

What is Bright Steel Bars or Bright Bars?

In  “PRATAP” Cold Drawn Bright Bar are manufactured from  Hot Rolled Bars made in supervision of qualified engineers in house & are pickled and drawn through a Tungsten Carbide Die as Cold Rolled, no heating is required, that is why it is called a Cold Drawn Bright Bar. Secondly in Peeled / Turned Bright Bar the Hot Rolled Bar is fed into a Turning machine and the surface is turned / removed to the required size of the Dia. This is also a Cold process, no heating is required. Bright Bars can be further Ground Finished for special applications. Bright Bars have a smooth and a Bright surface with Accurate Tolerance on the Dia. Accurate Tolerance means the tolerance of the Dia is very restricted i.e 0.10 mm approximatly depending on the size of the Dia and as per the customer’s specific requirement. These are the reasons why a Bright Bar enjoys advantages over a Hot Rolled Bar. Bright Bars can be used in automatic Machines for making Steel components whereas a Hot Rolled Bar cannot be used.

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The Bright Bar can be made into the following ranges :-



1. Rounds 2. Flats (Rectangular Bars) 3. Hexagons (Across Flats) 4. S